Information for existing PWay token holders
Earn 5% on profit
from game sales!

Your game idea

Share your game idea with us and earn a chance for a 5% profit share of the game sales. Here is how it works.
Your Idea
Submit your game idea in the app and instantly earn 1 PWay token.
Get a reward of 100 PWay tokens when your idea will be chosen for production.
Profit share
Get a 5% share of profit from sales of a game that was developed using your idea!

PWay Token

You can earn PWay tokens by submitting game ideas, taking part in various contests and voting for other players' ideas. Tokens that you earn by doing this can be exchanged for game keys and - in the future - sold and bought on dedicated virtual currency exchanges for USD and other currencies.

What does the PWay app do?

PWay app was made with ease of use in mind. We wanted to allow you to simply submit your game ideas and store your PWay tokens. By having the app you have all the news about PlayWay releases right at your fingertips. Moreover, you can also take part in various contests and earn more PWay tokens.

Ideas, rating and comments

PWay app allows you to simply add a new game idea. Meanwhile, you can rate and comment ideas of other users.


Main screen of the PWay app will not allow you to miss any important news. Here you can find newest contests, ideas for voting and latest PlayWay releases.


Wallet is used to store your tokens. Here you can easily check your holdings, exchange tokens for game keys, transfer them to other users and check your transfer history.


In the app you can take part in various contests and earn additional PWay tokens.

New games

By having the app you have all PlayWay releases right at your fingertips. You can be sure that you won't miss any sale offers on our games.